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Department Of General Surgery


Surgery is a broad specialty that is concerned with the treatment of patients with injuries, diseases, and other disorders by manual and instrumental means. Surgery involves the management of acute injuries and illnesses as differentiated from chronic, slowly progressing diseases, except when patients with the latter type of disease must be operated upon.


The department of general surgery aims in working towards creating a competent Indian medical practitioner.

To increase the pool of competent & skilled surgeons so as to cater the healthcare & educational needs of the rural & urban Indians.


      TO ENSURE SATISFACTORY surgical COMPETANCIES as part of the CBME curriculum to the students who are pursuing M.B.B.S. AT CIMS, CHAMARAJANAGAR.


  • hands on training regarding basic surgical and trauma care to the budding doctors.
  • We carry out surgeries in order to treat and ameliorate the sufferings of those who need it and emphasis on the need of good bedside manners and values of Doctor – Patient relationship to provide comprehensive surgical care.


  1. KIRAN T(Professor and Head of the department),
  2. RAZA

Associate Professors


Assistant Professors



Senior residents

  1. KIRAN.C





along with Junior Residents and interns

We have many national and international publications in the archives of our department and many research work.

Services Offered

OPD services

  • Patients are thoroughly examined and proper advice is given.
  • Those patients who need admissions are admitted and necessary treatment is given.
  • Patients requiring operations are investigated and subjected to operations.
  • Emergency services 24 hours
  • Dressings, minor OT procedures, follow-up of patients are provided

In-patient services

Those patients who need surgery are investigated and subjected to surgery.

  • All Major and Minor surgeries are carried out.
  • Life-saving emergency surgeries are carried out.
  • All Oncosurgical procedures (cancer surgery) and Urological procedures are being carried out.


  1. To initiate, practice and continue services such as the laparoscopic(basic and advanced) and endoscopic surgery(both upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy).
  2. To initiate and continue super speciality services for advanced procedures.
  3. Continue Research and academics and conduct CME and Live Workshop

The Department of Surgery thrives because of the dedication and commitment of teams who truly believe in a multidisciplinary approach to education, research and patient care.  Together, we are changing our thinking and the improving ourselves for better patient care.


Publications of the department

1.Management of Critically Ill Patients of Hoiiow Viscus Perforation by Mini Laprotomy Followed by Regular Laprotomy Chandrashekaraiah KC1 ,Arun K2, ChandrashekarNaik G3  1Associate Professor, Department of General Surgery, CIMS, Chamarajanagara,India 2Associate Professor, Department of General Surgery, BGSGIMS, Bengaluru,India 3Associate Professor, Department of General Surgery, CIMS, Chamarajanagar,Indiaa

2.Comparison of pain in two methods of varicose vein surgery Author(s): Dr. G Chandrashekar Naik and Dr. KC Chandrashekaraiah,

3.Comparative  study  of  conventional  stripping  versus invagination  stripping  in  varicose  vein  surgery Dr.  G  Chandrashekar  Naik  and  Dr.  KC  Chandrashekaraiah

4.Dr. Shashidhara P, Dr. Vasanth Kumar N, Dr. Chandrashekaraiah KC, Dr. Chandrashekar Naik G, A clinical study of ulcers of the foot at a tertiary care hospital , European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine Volume 09, Issue 02, 2022; pg 1054-1058

5.Dr.Shashidhara P,Dr. Shylaja TV, Dr. Kiran Kumar Nayak S,Dr. Chandrashekaraiah KC,Clinical profile of patients who underwent elective modified radical mastectomy, European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022;9;1047-53

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12.Vinayaka, Meti Gowreesh, Vinay G, Mahadevaswamy K M. (2021). “A comparative study of diclofenac suppository versus topical 2% diltiazem gel in postoperative pain relief after open hemorrhodectomy”. European Journal of Molecular and Clinical Medicine. 8(4):2021.

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14.Jambukala A Y, Mahadevaswamy K M, Ashok Ganiger S, Shiv Kumar. (2022). “A study comparing preoperative intraincisional antibiotic infiltration and prophylactic intravenous antibiotic administration for reducing surgical site infection”. European Journal of Molecular and Clinical Medicine. 9(1):2022.

15.Mahadevaswamy K M, Govind P Somani, Jambukala A Y. (2022). “The atraumatic acute abdomen- a comparative analysis of clinical, radiological and operative findings”. Indian Journal of Applied Research. 12(2):43-45.

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