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Blood Bank


Chamarajanagar Institute of Medical Sciences, provides service with State-Of-Art facilities and latest technology as per the Drugs and Cosmetic Act, India. It is a licensed Blood Centre established in July 2013 with annual collection of 2000 units to 6000 units per annum. It is equipped to collect and process Whole Blood & its components like Packed Red Cells, Random Platelets, Fresh Frozen Plasma and Cryo-precipitate.

The Immuno-Haematology Lab is fully automatized to do Blood grouping & typing, Cross-matching and various specialized tests to detect unknown antibodies. Each unit of Blood is screened for various communicable diseases like HIV 1&2, HBV, HCV, Malaria & Syphilis , there- by ensuring a safe and quality blood supply for patients and their families.


To be a Centre of Excellence in Blood Banking and Transfusion services, Committed to provide Safe and High Quality Blood   guided by principles of Compassion, Care and uncompromising adherence to Integrity.


CIMS Blood Bank and Transfusion services is committed to saving lives and improving patient care by providing a safe, affordable and adequate blood supply for the patients and families in the community we serve. To make blood donation 100% voluntary without any replacement donor by building individual or institutional alliances


·        The CIMS Blood Bank strives to provide safe and quality Blood / Blood components to all our patients ensuring medical and service excellence.

—  Our commitment to Quality is demonstrated by the development of a quality management system, which will ensure rational and optimal use of blood and blood components complying with the statutory regulations and maintaining highest ethical standards.

—  The health, safety, and welfare of our patients, donors, visitors and staffs are of paramount importance and highest quality in process control shall be attained.

—  Continual Improvement in all aspects of transfusion services shall be achieved by periodic review and regular staff training and improve quality through awareness of our quality policy and compliance with relevant procedures.

—  We shall ensure that all the staffs in department are aware and endorse the Quality Policy


List of Sub-units :

  1. Component separation unit
  2. Transfusion transmitted Infection screening unit
  3. Immuno- Haematology
  4. Quality assurance
  5. Pre-transfusion Donor screening & counseling
  6. Hemophilia centre


Services offered:

  1. Whole Blood & Components- collection, processing & storage
  2. Blood grouping & cross-matching
  3. Screening for TTI
  4. Day care services
  5. Voluntary Blood Donation Camps


                                                                Its Safe

                                                                Its Simple

                                                                Its Beneficial

                                                                And it Saves many lives.”


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